Weight Loss #9

1673 bounces


By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown


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“Challenge yourself by matching Eric's speed on your bellicon. ”

In this video, Fayth revisits some familiar bellicon moves by adding another level of intensity.

  • Duration: 20 mins
  • Bounces: 1673
  • Calories: 171
  • Level: 8


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Weight Loss #9



Burn that fat.

I love Fayth's videos. Instructive and always fun. Thank you for making my morning workout something i really look forward to.


I had to repeat this workout after a 4th of July second helping and cookie (gluten-free).  Great short workout to do a little extra today.  Great workout Fayth and Eric.

Tough but I enjoyed it, also love my bellicon because it reduces the stress on my joints, thank you x

very interesting the progression from slow to fast with many moves - i like it! 

This was a fantastic workout.  I love how you kept it moving in different ways.  That kept it interesting and your cuing about how many moves were left to do before a rest was very helpful.  Putting this in my faves.  Thank you!!!

Fayth you continue to be awesome! Hope you are filming more videos. I started a month ago with the weight loss videos. I remember how hard this one was then. This time I smoked it! Keep it up everyone you will feel the difference. 

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