Arnita Champion's Core Workout

2045 bounces



Workout Breakdown


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“You're going to need plenty of water for this one. Get ready to work out that "mookie!"”

Meet the lovely Arnita Champion who is determined to make you sweat. Note: Arnita is using shoes for the workout because she is recovering from surgery. We recommend to rebound barefoot - if possible.

  • Duration: 25 mins
  • Bounces: 2045
  • Calories: 225
  • Level: 7


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Come and join me for my first core workout for bellicon Home!



You're going to need plenty of water for this one.

wow, really works the abs and more fun than sit ups or crunches.

This is a great, but hard workout! I find on the last two groups that my hip flexor muscles are working to fatigue, but that's a good thing :-) 

Arnita, Thank you for this terrific tough workout! Now I feel like I can face my day, brining your smile and support with me! Pam

"Ya killin' me, smalls!" is what I'm thinking during this one.  But I do love the "Jesus lines" I'm seeing!  Thanks, Arnita!!

Thanks again Arnita for the challenging but yet fun work out!!! 

Perfect for the core ,!,,,Thanks Arnita

Never knew a minute could last so long ;-0). Great workout!! Do you have any tips for the sore spots on my elbows, because of the bouncing....???

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