beMOM: Pre-Natal Plan with Fayth

Use your bellicon during your pregnancy to strengthen the deeper muscles, align, rejuvenate, and most important - relax.

Number of Days: 4
Average Length: 11 minutes
Total Calories: 175
Total Bounces: 4
Focus Areas: Relax, Rejuvenate, Education
Level: 1
  1. Prenatal Series Part 1: Breathe Open + Align

    “Use your bellicon to find alignment and strength during your pregnancy. ”
    • Time: 12 mins
    • Bounces: 1
    • Calories: 42
    • 7
  2. Prenatal Series Part 2: Arms

    “Strengthen your back to open your heart and chest. ”
    • Time: 14 mins
    • Bounces: 1
    • Calories: 56
    • 11
  3. Prenatal Series Part 3: Glutes

    “Strong glutes will help keep your back and hips strong during pregnancy. ”
    • Time: 10 mins
    • Bounces: 1
    • Calories: 39
    • 13
  4. Prenatal Series Part 4: Pelvic Floor and Lower Back

    “Breathing is key to finding the pelvic floor. ”
    • Time: 9 mins
    • Bounces: 1
    • Calories: 38
    • 10

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