beACHAMP with Arnita Champion

As a former World-Class hurdler, Arnita knows that life also has its obstacles and barriers that must be cleared. She is a firm believer that Change Happens And Manifests Primarily In the Ones who Never quit or give up! Her unique personal fitness programs empowers and motivates individuals to tap into the “Champion” within them.

Number of Days: 5
Average Length: 14 minutes
Total Calories: 469
Total Bounces: 5147
Focus Areas: Get Vigorous!, Strengthen Core, Build Muscles, Boost Immune System
Level: 6
  1. Arnita Champion's Core Workout

    “You're going to need plenty of water for this one. Get ready to work out that "mookie!"”
    • Time: 25 mins
    • Bounces: 2045
    • Calories: 225
    • 60
  2. Arnita Champion's 4 Feet Exercises

    “I'm not gonna wear you guys out but I'm gonna strengthen you guys!”
    • Time: 20 mins
    • Bounces: 797
    • Calories: 96
    • 19
  3. Arnita Champion's Lower Body Workout

    “I feel it, do you feel it?”
    • Time: 12 mins
    • Bounces: 1038
    • Calories: 89
    • 38
  4. Arnita Champion on Resistance Bands

    “Back with some bands! ”
    • Time: 4 mins
    • Bounces: 205
    • Calories: 22
    • 19
  5. Arnita Champion's Tabata Workout

    “If you see 5 Arnitas, it's normal!”
    • Time: 8 mins
    • Bounces: 1062
    • Calories: 37
    • 43

River west

River west

River west

River west

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