This plan is designed for all levels as a rejuvenating, balanced workout. Be sure to work with support handle bars if you are new to bouncing, take breaks, and work at your own pace.

Number of Days: 7
Average Length: 15 minutes
Total Calories: 436
Total Bounces: 5556
Focus Areas: Relax, Rejuvenate, Improve Bone Density, Exercise With Asthma, Exercise With Allergies, Strengthen Core, Relieve Stress, Fight Diabetes, Restore Joints, Improve Flexibility, Increase Lymph Flow, Boost Immune System, Lose Weight
Level: 3
  1. Relaxation Time

    “Focus on breath, relaxation, and taking a break from your day.”
    • Time: 20 mins
    • Bounces: 1044
    • Calories: 81
    • 90
  2. Intro to Bounce at Clarke House Park

    “Be sure if you are new to bouncing to modify as needed, always listen to your body.”
    • Time: 21 mins
    • Bounces: 1232
    • Calories: 79
    • 68
  3. Intro to Running

    “Practice running with optimal form.”
    • Time: 11 mins
    • Bounces: 593
    • Calories: 45
    • 37
  4. Rejuvenate Bounce at Jackson Park

    “Optional use of support hand bar for beginners. ”
    • Time: 12 mins
    • Bounces: 795
    • Calories: 56
    • 58
  5. Relax Post Workout

    “Great video to pair with a cardio or power workout. ”
    • Time: 11 mins
    • Bounces: 358
    • Calories: 46
    • 58
  6. Morning Workout

    “Bounce your way into your day.”
    • Time: 16 mins
    • Bounces: 760
    • Calories: 67
    • 101
  7. Quick Break from Work

    “Practice posture on your work break. ”
    • Time: 15 mins
    • Bounces: 774
    • Calories: 62
    • 52

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PCFBR is an acronym for
the five major fitness areas
of Power, Cardio, Flexibility,
Balance and Relaxation.
be360 uses the PCFBR
system to evaluate how
each workout affects each
of these benefits.

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