Lite Cardio

1022 bounces

By Jeremy Sonkin

Workout Breakdown



“Nice bounce to start the day.”

Light intermediate cardio workout.

  • Duration: 25 mins
  • Bounces: 1022
  • Calories: 120
  • Level: 4


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Lite Cardio



Light intermediate cardio workout.

Thanks for starting slow and simple movements. I have avascular necrosis and severe osteoporosis, so I'm a bit nervous about heading directly into a faster paced plunge demonstrated by others a bit overwhelming and scary. Thanks to your demonstrations, I'm catching on and feeling more confident now. Plus, it feels like it's working because I can finally lift my knee on the side with my bad hip and knee! Thanks again!

great workout!

Etwas zu ruhig für mich - mag mehr Power!

Just perfect for the day after Thanksgiving! 

nice workout I'm out of shape kept trying different workouts to help get me on track your video is the best not to difficult just right I will do this over and over until feel I can do it to easy. Great and encouraging for someone out of shape and older 
thanks [:01:]

[:01:]  I love, love, love Jeremy workouts.   It was perfect for me. What may seem light to one person can be difficulty for someone else.  For my stage, this one was as advertised to me my needs at this level.   I can't wait to do it again!  

I had problems with the video towards the end.  It kept freezing when I was close to completing.  I stuck it out but would have been finished sooner if there was no tech issues.  I was afraid it would totally freeze before I got full credit. for completing my scheduled activity.  Luckily it did not.

Perfect for the start in the saturday - greetings from Germany 

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