Stamina & Endurance

3260 bounces

By Jeremy Sonkin

Workout Breakdown



“Let's do it!”

Sprint, jog, and work on your core with these exercises. This workout is recommended to people with a higher fitness level to increase and hold their level of fitness.

  • Duration: 32 mins
  • Bounces: 3260
  • Calories: 455
  • Level: 9


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Stamina & Endurance



Awesome workout, Jeremy!

Love this workout!  

When selecting a video workout, I wish it gave info on how many times I've already completed that particular workout. Maybe this info is available but I'm not seeing it?  Sometimes I want to try a new one but can never remember which ones I've already done. Thanks!

Great true cardio workout... cuing was good too!  Loved the variety.  i did have to modify some of the things (like the pointing arms and the stuff where he was partially on the floor), but that was just me as i couldn't seem to get the hang of doing those safely so I just did some pendulums and other things to keep my heart rate up.  That's what I love about these workouts... they are awesome to give you some instruction and variety and you can modify wherever needed!  I LOVED this one!  [:01:]

Loved it - thank you for the awesome cardio!!

Fab workout!

Jeremy, you´re a great trainer! Feels good to work out with you 

Keep up the great work! Way to go with these videos and be360! 

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