Stamina & Endurance

3260 bounces

By Jeremy Sonkin

Workout Breakdown



“Let's do it!”

Sprint, jog, and work on your core with these exercises. This workout is recommended to people with a higher fitness level to increase and hold their level of fitness.

  • Duration: 32 mins
  • Bounces: 3260
  • Calories: 455
  • Level: 9


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Stamina & Endurance



Thanks for the encouragement. I do the best I can and do love the workouts.  It is good to be pushed beyond your comfortable work rate so that gains can be made.  

Just LOVE this of my ABSOLUTE favorites!  Thank you![:06:]

Great hard workout , but at 5'2 1/2" jumping on and off  was too difficult for me especially when there was a lead change. My lead foot kept  hitting the cords as it was a stretch  to reach the mat.  

WHAT A WORKOUT! Absolutely loved this. My second of Jeremy's videos and I am loving his energy and enthusiasm. Had to do it 3 times before I could make all the way through without stopping and still need to do some work to nail the lunges, but this is a great calorie burner!

Great workout

Love the lunge jumps that he does in his videos.  I don't think I would have ever thought of those.  Especially love adding in the tuck in between.  I burned 176 calories total for this vid.

favorite where do i add this 

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