Soul + Hip Hop Workout

2611 bounces

By Julia vK

Workout Breakdown



“Have fun when you workout and it won't feel like work!”

This groovy class is a combination of toning exercises and moderate cardio moves performed to soul & hip hop beats.

  • Duration: 37 mins
  • Bounces: 2611
  • Calories: 216
  • Level: 6


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Soul + Hip Hop Workout



This groovy class is about a combination of toning exercises and moderate cardio moves performed to soul & amp using hip hop beats.

This may be my favourite so far.  All good but this was a happy fun workoit !

I started the Bellicon videos on May 1 and am at a beginner-ish level.  This kicked my butt and there is plenty of room for me to improve!  I struggled with the toe/heel move around the 13:10 timer mark, mostly because it took me too long to find the rhythm and we were on to the next move.  I will work it out on my own time and return to this video again!  My core is weak, so I had trouble completing the second tabata section.  These are great goals for me.  Thank you for a fantastic workout, Julia!  

Loved this workout!  The cardio didn't kill me but the tabata was enough of a challenge to break a sweat!  Perfect morning workout!  Thank you! are my new favorite trainer! I have been using the Bellicon platform for 2 years now and have never posted on a workout, but this one is simply so perfect, I had to! You make the time fly and your personality shines the whole time!

Another great workout! 


Agreed!  Another great workout—thank you, Julia.  No instructor has ever motivated me like you do.  [:01:]  ❤️  For anyone who’s not already aware, you must check out the new bellicon Live site—LOTS of workouts from Julia and other trainers (including some familiar faces). I find it to be the perfect complement to bellicon Home.  [:06:]

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