Margaret's Dance Party

4267 bounces

By Margaret Ulland

Workout Breakdown



“Come learn a short dance sequence on the bellicon to boost your mood and burn some calories. ”

Join in to learn some dance movements and master them at moderate and challenging tempos!

  • Duration: 42 mins
  • Bounces: 4267
  • Calories: 303
  • Level: 7


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Margaret's Dance Party



Join in to learn some dance movements and master them at moderate and challenging tempos!

super fun and challenging. i'm drenched!!

I really hate being negative, but this was such a let down. I do rebound at a gym in Brisbane, obviously currently not possible, also their rebounders are just standard ones. Anyway, it ALWAYS lift‘s my mood, I feel energised afterwards and the class is always over before I know it. This was so so so extremely boring. I’m in no way advanced, but these “dance moves” were, again so boring. The routine too. And the music choice, that’s not dance music. Not exhilarating dance mucus anyway. It’s nice to chill to, or swing your hips side to side a little bit. I was really hoping for a fun and challenging Dance routine. I hope the other classes are better, otherwise this will be a huge disappointment. The actual Bellicon, however, is the best. Sorry to bring people down, but I had such a strong negative response to this, I felt I needed to share it. Also, you need to find Lauren from Sweat Session in Brisbane, Australia. She’d be worth her weight in gold for you.

Great workout! Got a good sweat goin and i loved the warm up and cool down as well. Thanks! 

Wonderful workout!I love dance on the bellicon since the floor kind of hurts these day.  The best of both worlds.   I do recognize the work and poise that goes into this.  Thank you and keep them coming.  

Thank you! I had a blast. 

Loved this!!!!

Really enjoyed this workout. Love the variety of moves. Times does go by quickly. Thank you Margaret. Your joyful enthusiasm and clear instructions make the workout easy to follow. You’ve done a 20 minute and a 40 minute dance party. How about a 30 minute one next?

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