Tiziana's Proprioception Workout

1573 bounces

By Tiziana Castiglioni

Workout Breakdown



“Practice balance with the T-bar or without one. Close your eyes for an additional challenge!”

Connect mind with body and improve your spatial awareness with this light cardio workout.

  • Duration: 23 mins
  • Bounces: 1573
  • Calories: 106
  • Level: 4


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Tiziana's Proprioception Workout



Connect mind with body and improve your spatial awareness with this light cardio workout.

I love this workout! I would also like to see more moderate workouts like this. Thanks Tiziana!

I agree Rubi, I have asked them several times to do a senior bounce section. I just can’t do all of the vigorous leg kicking exercises anymore! I’m trying to be more gentle on my body the older I get. I really love this workout platform, but if I’m only able to do the same exercises over and over, then I probably won’t continue with this when my subscription runs out. 

I liked a lot this video (and I agree with Angie  and Terri). I'd like more video improving proprioception (and nervous system health connected.)I though not renew my subscription but I saw this video.. I hope there will be more... Barbara

I really love this video, as I'm getting older I feel I ought to practice this more. However, I have noticed recently some video's have an extremely long introduction. Would it bee possible in future to put the explanation in the comments section in writing rather than in the actual video, or start moving and explain as we work out? Otherwise I don't bother doing them more than once, I often repeat my favourite video's literally dozens of times so excess explanation eventually drives me mad  as I know what the explanation is and get fed up waiting to start. Or if that's not possible can video's be made where we can fast forward to the start of the training? I know you can fast forward now but the video then doesn't get counted and I like to keep count of what I do. Thanks.

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