Fierce Fit Countdown

3926 bounces

By Kyle Leland

Workout Breakdown



“Focus on your target and twist through your core.”

Feel strong and accomplished as you put together short kick and punch patterns.

  • Duration: 39 mins
  • Bounces: 3926
  • Calories: 289
  • Level: 7


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Fierce Fit Countdown



Feel strong and accomplished as you put together short kick and punch patterns.

Fun fun and EFFICIENT from yet another talented teacher ,, thank you  Kyle.. from a 61 year old going stong !
Reards from Montreal Canada

Great workout, it really pushed me. Can see why it’s called fierce.[:06:]

I really enjoyed this but will opt to do this workout next time on my strong bungees, mediums were just a bit to soft for this!  Fun workout and great instruction.

I really like this!  Had some misgivings at first but it was good and hit some great challenges.  Would definitely do this again.

Hi Kyle: I really appreciated this video and plan to incorporate it into my routine on a regular basis. You have a very natural teaching style that was very clear and lucid and I never felt like I had to scramble to figure out what was next. Like others, I liked the consistent intensity. Surprisingly to me, I found the combinations challenging at times, which is a good thing - I appreciate a challenge. Thanks again for a good session

Great workout. I love these new moves and the intensity. Everything is well explained. Kyle is a great teacher and I really like these longer workouts. Thank you so much and I can‘t wait for the next one. 

Super awesome workout.  I loved the intensity and am so happy that you are continuing to provide challenging workouts.  For the writer above, there are so many more moderate to easy workouts on the platform.  Looking forward to more challenges Kyle. 

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