Pilates Flow with Weights

1007 bounces

By Sarah Rosner

Workout Breakdown



“Posture perfect pilates time!”

Join Sarah for a pilates flow using weights and your bellicon. Get ready to strength and lengthen!

  • Duration: 48 mins
  • Bounces: 1007
  • Calories: 259
  • Level: 5


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Pilates Flow with Weights



Pilates Flow with Weights

One reason I bought the Bellicon is that it is suitable for a wide range of workouts, not just rebounding. After a week of doing serious Bellicon jumping videos, this Pilates workout is a perfect restorative stretch for my achey muscles.  And, there’s a good core section.  The mat gives an extra punch to Pilates and yoga workouts because it draws on stability muscles. Plus, the mat is far more comfortable and gentle on your back than the floor. Now I have learned a few new ways to use the Bellicon mat. Love the variety and cross-training.  Off to a good start for a relaxing Sunday.

AWESOME workout! Thank you so much!

Oohhh Sarah - I REALLY loved this - thank you, as always!!! 

Thank you Sarah! Love your Pilates routine. Your exercises are effective, safe and challenging. Keep creating more please. Any chance you can add some spinal extension exercises?

Thanks, Sarah, for an awesome Pilates workout.  I do private practice with a trainer weekly, but found that with this workout on the Bellicon, I felt a deeper engagement of my core.  I really loved this workout.  Thanks, again.  I hope you'll do more like this.  I would greatly appreciate if you could cue when the pelvis should be curled and when it should be in neutral for each movement.  I know, it's a lot to ask!  The times you gave that cue, really made the move clearer and improved my form.  Thanks, again.

Thank you Sarah so much for this video. I confess that I need to improve and strength my core and this class will help me to get there. The class is very well explained. Thanks

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