Lean Legs Barre + Bounce Workout

3406 bounces

By Kyle Leland

Workout Breakdown



“Lift and lengthen as you build on basic barre moves”

Dance your way to a toned figure with plies, pulses, and playful cardio.

  • Duration: 43 mins
  • Bounces: 3406
  • Calories: 269
  • Level: 6


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Lean Legs Barre + Bounce Workout



Dance your way to a toned figure with plies, pulses, and playful cardio.

My 1st time with Kyle and I enjoyed it, but it definitely assumed/required a degree of coordination I just don't have yet, but I love a challenge, so I'll keep at it.

Hi Julia, Thank you for a great workout. I wanted to respond to some of the people who asked about a T-bar for Bellicons that were bought before they came out with the T-bar. That would be me, as well! I modified by placing the Bellicon on its side to use the legs as a barre. I don't have the t-bar but I do have the curved support bar. If you put that on the Bellicon, when you turn it on its side, it makes a really good support bar. As I was doing the workout, I thought about how they might configure an add-on T-bar for those Bellicons purchased before the T-bar came out. Here's an idea if you could pass this along: the curved support bar works "okay" for the T-bar routines but it's really too high. Could they make a bar, just like the curved support bar but shorter and also with a flat bar across the top rather than the curve which puts it at an uncomfortable height for the barre exercises. That way, the bar could slide on exactly the same as the curved support bars but the top would be flat and a bit shorter. No new engineering required! That way, many more Bellicon users could expand their exercises. I would eventually like to offer come classes and while I do plan on purchasing a few more Bellicons with a t-bar, I would love to  be able to add on to the 2 Bellicons that I already have. Does that make sense? I would definitely buy the bars and it sounds like others would too. Loved the workout. I like the mix of cardio and barre work. Thanks!

Loved this, Nice pace between cardio and strength!

Thank you, great workout! Your level of fitness is my goal! [:01:]

Yes please offer an add on t-bar for those of us who have all ready purchased a belicon 

Loved the workout.  Not at all easy.  No bar but I was able to do it regardless.  Thanks Kyle

Would LOVE to try this, but unfortunately there is no option to purchase the t-bar for those of us who already own a bellicon ... :(  (Please consider making it available in the near future... I'd be a taker!)

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