Margaret's Cardio Bounce

4438 bounces

By Margaret Ulland

Workout Breakdown



“Let's dance!”

Get ready to move move move with Margaret's cardio bounce!

  • Duration: 54 mins
  • Bounces: 4438
  • Calories: 292
  • Level: 5


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Margaret's Cardio Bounce



Get ready to move move move with Margaret's cardio bounce!

Loved this workout! Just the right amount of cardio with some weights in between, great job, one of my favorites ❤️

Been on this platform on and off. I'm 54 and it's hard to find that just-right workout. This is it! Cardio and none of the moves are too difficult. They are easy to modify, and there's the ab work and stretches at the end. PERFECT! 

Loved it Thanks!!!

Hi- I agree more like level 7.  Excellent workout; I feel it hit all the spots.[:01:]

I could not match my bouncing with her bouncing! She must have a firmer mat than I do. I tried and tried, but she was always faster than me and if I matched her bouncing then I wasn't getting any air at all. That was frustrating. I ended up adapting her movements so that they worked for me and I tried to keep my own rhythm. 

Just did it for the first time, great challenge! Thanks Margaret.

Great sweaty workout for a 68 year old. Thank you! Keep moving at any age!

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