MINDFUL MOVE: Yoga for Backs Sequence

330 bounces

By Tracy Long

Workout Breakdown



““Yoga is the Fountain of Youth. You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” - Bob Harper / Joseph Pilates”

A mindful yoga sequence designed to breathe life into your back.

  • Duration: 26 mins
  • Bounces: 330
  • Calories: 234
  • Level: 8


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Mindful Move: Yoga for Backs Sequence



Hi Tracy,
That was such a relaxing session. Thank you. What size Bellicon are you using in the video? Mine is a 39" and I felt a little limited. I plan on ordering a 44" soon because there seems to be quite a bit more room for some exercise routines.

Love [:01:] your sessions Tracy!! Thank you!!!!

Namaste  Tracy

Thank you so much for rewarding my curiosity with this exquisite sequence. i usually prefer videos that look good in the hall of fame, but fame is not everything and I feel divine :). I am looking forward to messing up my record again.

Have a wonderful time - Ursula

Best ever perfect combination more please

I Love your Yoga lessons. Can‘t wait for more


Thank you so much Tracy. I love every single move from the beginning to the end. [:01:]

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