Mindful Move: Yoga for Backs Sequence

330 bounces

By Tracy Long

Workout Breakdown



““Yoga is the Fountain of Youth. You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” - Bob Harper / Joseph Pilates”

A mindful yoga sequence designed to breathe life into your back.

  • Duration: 26 mins
  • Bounces: 330
  • Calories: 234
  • Level: 8


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Mindful Move: Yoga for Backs Sequence



Mindful Move: Yoga for Backs Sequence

I love this video so much Tracy. I can feel the difference in my back; it’s more flexible and relaxed. Thank you

I thought  the stretch at the wall was interesting. Felt like I breathed a little life into some underused spaces. 

I really like this video, works great for my back. However, like with a previous Mindful Move video, I do wonder whether the amount of calories burnt (234) is correct. I would think it should be much less.

Ich versteh leider nicht alles. Gibt es auch diese Lektion auf deutsch?

My back feels so good now.  Very professionally done!

Hi Tracy,
That was such a relaxing session. Thank you. What size Bellicon are you using in the video? Mine is a 39" and I felt a little limited. I plan on ordering a 44" soon because there seems to be quite a bit more room for some exercise routines.

Love [:01:] your sessions Tracy!! Thank you!!!!

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