Zöe's Agility + Coordination Series Workout #1

1005 bounces

By Zoe T.

Workout Breakdown



“Find your center and let's bounce!”

Beginner video with new coordination moves.

  • Duration: 10 mins
  • Bounces: 1005
  • Calories: 55
  • Level: 4


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Zöe's Agility + Coordination Series Workout #1



Zöe's Agility + Coordination Series Workout #1

Hallo Zoe
Herzlichen Dank für diese neuen Videos! 
Ich finde es aber ein bisschen schade, dass sie offenbar nur auf Englisch zu haben sind... und frage mich, ob sie nicht mit wenig Aufwand in deutscher Sprache synchronisiert werden könnten?

thank you Zoë

Wonderful workout that helped me feel rejuvenated, worked out and a nice stretch for my hip joints.  I used this video as a great warmup before an on floor dance workout.  I will definitely be jumping along to this video again.  I enjoyed the instructors easy personality and exercise cues beforehand.  Thank you! [:02:]

Hi, Cutie! Thanks for a great workout! Some of the exercises were entirely new to me, which of course I loved! I will make this a favorite. xoxoxo, tracy

Loved this work out.  first time watching you Zoe and going to search for more videos in English from you.[:06:]

Nice workout ,  much variation , good for runners!

Thank you Zoe! Loved the hip openers. Do you have more videos like this?

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