Zöe's Agility + Coordination Series Workout #1

1005 bounces

By Zoe T.

Workout Breakdown



“Find your center and let's bounce!”

Beginner video with new coordination moves.

  • Duration: 10 mins
  • Bounces: 1005
  • Calories: 55
  • Level: 4


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Zöe's Agility + Coordination Series Workout #1



Zöe's Agility + Coordination Series Workout #1

thank you Zoë

Wonderful workout that helped me feel rejuvenated, worked out and a nice stretch for my hip joints.  I used this video as a great warmup before an on floor dance workout.  I will definitely be jumping along to this video again.  I enjoyed the instructors easy personality and exercise cues beforehand.  Thank you! [:02:]

Hi, Cutie! Thanks for a great workout! Some of the exercises were entirely new to me, which of course I loved! I will make this a favorite. xoxoxo, tracy

Loved this work out.  first time watching you Zoe and going to search for more videos in English from you.[:06:]

Nice workout ,  much variation , good for runners!

Thank you Zoe! Loved the hip openers. Do you have more videos like this?

THANK YOU ZOE ! after 3years of bouncing I still discover new moves ans even nearly  difficult things to do on a level 4 !!! 

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