Arnita's Post Workout Stretch

77 bounces


Workout Breakdown



“Let's stretch it out!”

Lengthen and stretch in this Post Workout Routine by Arnita Champion.

  • Duration: 17 mins
  • Bounces: 77
  • Calories: 63
  • Level: 2


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Arnita's Post Workout Stretch



Arnita's Post Workout Stretch

Thank you! Enjoyed the stretching exercises!

Wonderful. Thank you

Wow. This is now my all time favorite post stretch workout.  It felt so good and I could do them.  I felt the difference doing these after my Bellicon workout.  I am working on my flexibility so this is perfect for me.  But then again, I happen to love all of your videos.  


Wow, this workout was amazing and right on time.  I spent hours searching for a workout to help with my tight muscles this morning.  Then I remembered that there were some flexibility workouts for the Bellicion.  I chose this one and so glad I did.  These exercises are powerful and I could do them without hurting myself.  Your directions are clear and I could follow them, take my time and successfully complete the exercises.  

I really liked the fact that there were exercises that I  was not familiar with.  Love learning and trying new exercises.  I am going to challenge myself to do this work out at least several times a week.   I fall very short in terms of stretching and I pay the price.  Going to track myself and see what happens when I take the time to flex in the morning and before bed.   I am very excited.

Thanks Anita. I am a big fan of your workouts.  I love working with a Champion.[:02:]

Thank you!

Thanks Anita, that feels solo good. I feel so much more flexible. I love the good news that at more than 50 years old, this old body can still heal and actually improve. A marvel!

Feeling looser already!   Such an informative stretching sequence.   Thanks.

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