Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout #1

1589 bounces

By Tiziana Castiglioni

Workout Breakdown



“Here we go!”

Simple cardio workout to start getting acquainted with bellicon and the most productive steps to build heart rate.

  • Duration: 18 mins
  • Bounces: 1589
  • Calories: 45
  • Level: 1


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Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout #1



Loved this video! I am 60 years old and just starting to finally start using by Bellicon after purchasing it a year ago. This was just the right intensity and length for me. Grazie mille, Tiziana! Più per favore!

First time and first workout on my bellicon. Went 13 minutes. Will try to make it through full workout again tomorrow [:01:]

Thanks a lot for the workout! Just what I needed today after a month without my bellicon ;-) [:01:]

Great workout Titziana, thank you. In future ones could you add a little something for the core?[:11:]

OK, somebody needs to start the Tiziana Fan Club.  SO WONDERFUL to see someone my own age, or almost so, promoting fitness. So refreshing!  Not that I don't absolutely love the younger trainers; I do!  But I had no idea how lovely it would be to work out with someone closer to my age. Looking forward to the next workouts in this series!  I kept my T-bar because I still have some balance issues from a broken ankle a year back. . .   but I didn't need to touch it too much.  Altogether a fun very little workout!

Many thanks Tiziana, for this excellent workout. Feeling better now! hope to see many videos like this one![:01:]

wauw. it was heavy. thanks.

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