Bounce Burn Amplified

2840 bounces

By Stephanie Perry

Workout Breakdown



“You guys are doing great!”

Torch those calories and lift your buns at the same time with this advanced bounce routine. Lots of fun knee lifts and kicks!

  • Duration: 32 mins
  • Bounces: 2840
  • Calories: 608
  • Level: 10


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Bounce Burn Amplified



Thanks Stephanie, I love that we are bouncing the whole time yet you distract us with some thought provoking complications. Great job!

Wow, Stephanie, you are a powerhouse full of endless energy! That was a great workout and the time went sooooo fast! This is a great video for those wonderful butts and glutes!! thanks for the fun and workout!!

This video is AWESOME!!! Please do more high-intensity videos just like this! LOVE the coordination challenge! My only piece of constructive feedback is with the white walls in the background of the video, it was hard to see you so maybe film outside? Keep it up! 

This is a great new workout for me! I really like that it also has a lot of mind/body coordination, while she keeps it moving. Really fun. Would love to see a twenty minutes one from Stephanie, for those of us who don't always have half an hour. 20 min high intensity works great for a very busy schedule.  Thanks so much.

Loved this!! YOU ROCK! You never disappoint. I finished it with your arm/ab workout. Just what I needed for this Friday! Lifted my spirits too!!! Thanks! Keep up the great videos!

LOVED THIS! You ROCK! Keep up the great videos- i finished this one then on to your arm/ab workout. Just perfect for my Friday! Lifted my spirits! Thanks!!!

I admit that I was not a fan of Stephanie´s workouts from the first one posted. I stayed away for a while after that but boy-oh-boy am I glad I gave her workouts a second chance. This and the last few she has done have been some of the best if not the BEST I have done on the Bellicon platform. Thank you Stephanie! Bellicon, I do not know if there are more like me out there, but these higher intensity workouts is what I would like more of. The others just do not do it for me. I had started to wander for inspiritation elsewhere.

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