Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout

1100 bounces

By Jeremy S.

Workout Breakdown



“Let's do this!”

Hop on your bellicon to shred and burn the pounds off with Jeremy in our newest and most advanced weight loss video.

  • Duration: 33 mins
  • Bounces: 1100
  • Calories: 472
  • Level: 9


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Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout



Whooee! Gratitude to you for bouncing me off that couch with this challenging workout

Thanks for an awesome workout! First workout I have done of yours.  I will definitely be checking out more workouts by you!

Thanks Jeremy. Really enjoyed this workout. Also loved the mixed colour bungees! I want!! Makes bouncing look and feel even more fun.

Thank You.   I've been racking up bounces but doing the same favorites over again or switching to an old DVD.  Really felt that one with coming on and off while changing legs and arms overhead.  Such a surprise to a get new one this morning it wasn't my planned one but took a quick look and decided to try it.

 Pleased that I could finally complete one of yours! [:01:]  Thanks again...nice background scenery too.  Will return to this video for sure to get even better and better.  Awesome job and thanks for the reminders to eat well, stay hydrated and rest well.

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