Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout

1100 bounces

By Jeremy S.

Workout Breakdown



“Let's do this!”

Hop on your bellicon to shred and burn the pounds off with Jeremy in our newest and most advanced weight loss video.

  • Duration: 33 mins
  • Bounces: 1100
  • Calories: 472
  • Level: 9


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Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout



Loved that one Jeremy! Challenging but manageable! Worked everything. Thanks!

Loved this workout particularly the cardio one of my favourite 

It was a great workout, but hard to hear, 

I am an experienced rebounder, this started out great, i expected a better cardio. slowed down way too much for the last 15 minutes.  I m new to Bellicon  and I'm
trying to find a challenging  cardio about 30 minutes. I do like intervals, but this video was way to slow.

LAWD, Jeremy, you have me sweating bullets over here! Great workout!!

Great work out - just a suggestion to Bellicon on their workout profiles: my HRM only registered 224 kcals; but I am only 5ft and 130lb - consider putting a calorie burn “between” low and high - there was no way I’d burn 400 here! I’ll be back to do this one again though. That’s 220 kcals in the bag! 

Excellent workout.  Please increase the volume!

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