Sarah's Quick Arm Strengthening Workout

680 bounces

By Sarah Rosner

Workout Breakdown


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“Reach those arms, give them purpose!”

Introducing Sarah and her fun, arm exercises. Bring out those weights and for an extra challenge, bounce.

  • Duration: 12 mins
  • Bounces: 680
  • Calories: 70
  • Level: 6


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Sarah's Quick Arm Strengthening Workout



Hello there - it's great to be here! Hope you enjoy this easy workout to get strong arms!

great love

Thanks Sarah! Love this short workout to add on to my longer workout! :)

I love that you emphasize digging in our heels while moving. I really need to strengthen my back half. And I love your movement combos. They feel so great and "right" in my body. Thanks for another great workout!

Well done Sarah, I really enjoyed that workout! Hope to see more videos with you :) Thanks from Australia [:01:]

Love, Love, Love this workout!  Thank you Sarah;)

Great start into the day. I totally feel my arms!

Great workout for upper body;)

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