Daisy's Just Dance Workout

2750 bounces

By Daisy Miller

Workout Breakdown



“Join me doing this fun dance workout!”

Daisy makes this long cardio workout fun by introducing her own exciting dance moves.

  • Duration: 27 mins
  • Bounces: 2750
  • Calories: 234
  • Level: 8


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Daisy's Just Dance Workout



I love, love, love Daisy, I've been begging for more of her video's. I particularly like the combinations as I don't get bored.  My only comment is whoever is filming, please don't film Daisy's feet, however lovely they are we know that they're bouncing but need to see what her arms are doing [:06:]

That was excellent! After walking my 5 dogs and also competing in agility with one of them I felt the need for some more before dinner. YEAH feeling awesome now 

Great new video and love the fact that it is all bounce.  Loved the variety and her cuing is excellent.  I'd love to see some hamstring curls and pendulums in future videos.  Looking forward to more from Daisy! 

More...more...more! :-)

*heavy breathing* *smiling from ear to ear* 
Thank you for the cardio & coördination challenge: a keeper!
Note to self: do not do Fayth's glute video on the same day [:03:]

My new go-to!!!  I LOVE all the instructors and work-outs I've done so far, but, A GIRL'S JUST GOTTA DANCE!  Hope Daisy does more! So grateful to Bellicon!

Just what I was looking for! Super simple cardio workout with good instructions then silence until the next move. This allows you to modify to you own level, actually listen the music and be motivated to keep going till the end. [:01:]Thank you Daisy! 

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