Daisy's Just Dance Workout

2750 bounces

By Daisy Miller

Workout Breakdown


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“Join me doing this fun dance workout!”

Daisy makes this long cardio workout fun by introducing her own exciting dance moves.

  • Duration: 27 mins
  • Bounces: 2750
  • Calories: 234
  • Level: 8


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Daisy's Just Dance Workout



I'm back with a fun dance workout for y'all!

Nice length. Good cardio workout! I concur with previous comments about the focus of the camera, but I trust Felix is on the case! Thank you!!

Tolls Workout. Bisher eins meine absoluten Lieblinge.


Very bad teacher, uncoordinated work Outs and always the same! Boring!

Hi Daisy
loved your workout.
only comment I have is that there are several times when you are changing a movement but the camera is focuse on your face and not showing the movement your are doing. That leaves me kind of needing to imagine what your are doing since the instructions are not 100% clear and I can't see your full body.
Otherwise, again - great workout!

Thanks Ellen

Thanks for a great workout!

Daisy, please can you do more without the t-bar (I don't have the t bar ...). Many thanks

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