Jeremy's Swissjump Workout

4881 bounces

By Jeremy Sonkin

Workout Breakdown



“Towel and water breaks are important!”

Jeremy is back with a Swissjump special. 40 Minutes of power cardio while engaging the core followed by a cool down and stretching phase! Jeremy is using extra strong bungees and the t-bar, but you can also do this training without the t-bar.

  • Duration: 48 mins
  • Bounces: 4881
  • Calories: 672
  • Level: 9


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Jeremy's Swissjump Workout



Jeremy is back with a Swissjump special.

The bellicon used in this video is a bellicon Classic 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here:

Dear Jeremy, I purchased my very first bellicon and your workouts are my favorite. Feel free to see my activity and yours are 99% of the workouts I do.  My favorite is: Jeremy's Swissjump Workout as it burns so  many calories while really using the t-bar.  There are very few workouts with t-bar, would you please prepare and make available more high-intensity workouts (in all lengths of time) with the t-bar?   Thanks a lot! and congratulations! you are the best!!  Hugs from Rome, Italy, Miriam

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Excellent, cette séance m'a tuée mais je survivrai :)</font>
<font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Merci Jeremy !</font>

Im so exhausted now. Thank you!!


Thank you for the workout I liked it [:02:]

Love working out with you Jer...if I want to feel the pain the next day I pick one of your videos! Love your energy! 
So grateful for these videos...better than any personal trainer I’ve ever had! Thank you 

Hy Jeremy that was great. I am 76 years old and could follow you without any break. I like this workout. Therefore thank you for this video and try to make some more of this video.

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