Remy D.'s Focus and Coordination Part 1

300 bounces

By Remy D.

Workout Breakdown



“Improve your body's circulation with these simple moves. ”

In this first video of a three part series, Remy shows movements to enhance balance and coordination - some easy, some a bit more challenging. While exercising on the bellicon one has to constantly adapt to vibrations as well as height.

  • Duration: 8 mins
  • Bounces: 300
  • Calories: 34
  • Level: 3


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Remy D.'s Focus and Coordination Part 1



In this three part series, Remy covers the basic movements to enhance balance and coordination.

The bellicon I used in this video is a bellicon Premium 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees. You can take a look at this configuration here:

That felt very good. My first bounce session and I am on my way!

Hello Remy, I love your courses[:01:].  I suffer from chronic migraine and cervical pain. I can not do jumping exercises, which raise the feet of the jump mat, / example: JUMPING JACK. Can we do a good cardio session by letting our feet on the jumping mat or to avoid the pain one after the other to avoid jolts, and effective to lose weight (with a diet and more)?   How many minutes a day? Thank you very much[:02:]

Hallo Remy,
I like this video a lot. It's one of my favorites. Thanks for it! :)

Super sequence Remy[:01:]

Danke, Remi. Bin gleich etwas wacher geworden! 

Excellent first time on my Bellicon!  Looking forward to more exercises.

Hi Remy, great video! Verx relaxed and calm. And the music is also well chosen. I have not et tried the other videos of this serie - for my taste they could be more difficult, I am quite used to coordination...   thanks for this one, it was a fabulous start!!

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