Lenka's Short Cardio Boost Workout

1074 bounces

By Lenka Keehnen

Workout Breakdown



“Raise that heart rate! ”

Lenka is back with another video from Brussels. The workout is focusing on cardio, leg work and coordination. Try to stay with her all the way until the end of the video.

  • Duration: 13 mins
  • Bounces: 1074
  • Calories: 54
  • Level: 8


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Lenka's Cardio Boost Workout



Lenka is back with another video focusing on cardio.

The bellicon used in this video is a bellicon Plus 44" (here without the T-bar) with folding legs and X-strong bungees in custom colors. You can take a look at this configuration (except the custom-colored bungees) here: https://www.bellicon.com/shop/us_en/bundle/load/index/sku/PL112US/option_0/PL112F/option_1/PIEX/option_2/BABL112/

Loved this one as a pre-lift workout - gets the blood and heart moving and warms the muscles up.  Would love to see more from Lenka!

A super quick finish to raise your heart rate.

Great cardio boost! Lenka was super fun and great beat to the music.  Hand signaling was  fun to refresh my memory on how European trainers use it. Need more Lenka please.

Super Workout

Hallo Lenka.
Super Short Workout .

It is so short, cardio is really just a few minutes.  Not sure if classifying it as cardio is very accurate as there are different segments on strenghtening and coordination.

A bit more instruction on positioning could be helpful. For example, reminding on position of the knees when doing squats.

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