Weight Loss #10

1455 bounces

By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown



“Fayth and Billy are back with a fun but intense workout. ”

This video completes our Weight Loss series. Enjoy!

  • Duration: 13 mins
  • Bounces: 1455
  • Calories: 100
  • Level: 8


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Weight Loss #10



WOW! I wouldn't even have time to drive to the gym in the time it took to complete this workout. My bellicon and the videos have helped me be the most successful and consistent with any work outs ever. I love how this one is so simple yet so effective. Thanks you guys!!

Anybody know why this says it is playing but it is not? Arrow just going round and round

What model and size is he on?

Great quick workout!  I've had three hip replacements, and the bellicon and these videos are a great addition to my walking/cycling workouts.

That's fab Fayth, I have been enjoying your workouts so much. With a ballet training background I love your body alignment awareness and your counting in eights [:02:] I have completed the weight loss series twice but there are only eight videos that I can see and when I search for the latest, #10, I can't see it? [:12:] Thanks so much. Ah, found it now, thank you!

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