Remy D.'s Calorie Burning Freestyle

1025 bounces

By Remy D.

Workout Breakdown



“Follow Remy's dance moves for a challenging workout. ”

Remy introduces fresh moves in a circuit setting. Remember to have fun and breathe!

  • Duration: 12 mins
  • Bounces: 1025
  • Calories: 82
  • Level: 7


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Remy D.'s Calorie Burning Freestyle



I waves totally uncoordinated but it was still fun :-)

Enjoyed this one a lot!  Thanks Remy!

Ria de Looff                                               De oefeningen zijn echt leerzaam en ik gebruik de bellicon dagelijks meer dan een half uur, Thank you [:01:]

Thank you Remy , good warming up!

I enjoyed busting a move with Remy!  I prefer the workouts like this that are "all bounce" (no half on-the-floor squats, etc.).  This was perfect!  I couldn't keep up with him but I just did the moves at my own pace.  LOVED THE MUSIC!  (I don't like most of the music on the Bellicon videos, but this one had a good beat).  Plus there were moves on this one that I had never done/seen before.  Great cuing too.  [:01:][:06:][:01:]

We love these quick work outs...more Remy please!

Great little oxigenating pick-me-up![:03:]p

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