Arnita Champion's Tabata Workout

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“If you see 5 Arnitas, it's normal!”

After this workout, your metabolism is revved up for the next 24 hours. Weight loss at it's finest.

  • Duration: 8 mins
  • Bounces: 1062
  • Calories: 37
  • Level: 7


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Arnita Champion's Tabata Workout



After this workout, your metabolism is revved up for the next 24 hours. Weight loss at it's finest.

Hello Arnita ! It is so amazing to watch you and then do it miself ! Your smile, your enthousiasm, your happyness make miracles ! I do the workout as I can and I 'm laughing during the mooves ! You surely know how this challenge those who are watching you ! Here, I try to write in english as well as I can (I am from France). It was so important for me to say thanks you Arnita !

No chance!! Ha ha ha, but now I have a new goal ;-) Thank you so much!

What a burner!


I couldn't complete this---I did try and did as much of each as I could and finally gave up and it was PAIN (the good kind) the next few days (even though I didn't do the whole thing!)---I will continue to do this video until I can complete it without stopping. BRAVO Arnita! 

Wow .. Thanks Arnita! That was a great workout. Great after a busy day at work. Get rid of all the stress.

Never ever do this workout after leg day training! It will kill you...what was I thinking, haha. Great tabata. Thanks Arnita.

Hello, Arnita! I always love your workouts and your energy! You are so inspiring. Id love love love to see an extended version of this very intense but effective Tabatta workout with you... If you are open to ideas, Ive done a spin workout that was a warmup followed by 4 times:  4 minute Tabattas / 4 minutes recovery... I could see it working well with the awesome workout that you have sequenced in this video. Just an idea. I don't mind playing this video four times in a row so that I can stay motivated by you. xoxoxo, tracy

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