Arnita Champion's Core Workout

2045 bounces


Workout Breakdown



“You're going to need plenty of water for this one. Get ready to work out that "mookie!"”

Meet the lovely Arnita Champion who is determined to make you sweat. Note: Arnita is using shoes for the workout because she is recovering from surgery. We recommend to rebound barefoot - if possible.

  • Duration: 25 mins
  • Bounces: 2045
  • Calories: 225
  • Level: 7


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Come and join me for my first core workout for bellicon Home!



Arnita your energy is amazing!  I use to watch you on YouTube before you joined Bellicon and I was thinking that you NEED to jjoin Bellicon and here you are!  I'm so looking forward to more videos!!!!!  I love that you mention which areas it works! 

I would have liked more upright bouncing in the workout, but I absolutely loved Arnita's energy and positivity! Very motivating!

helpful for timing / sequencing with teaching - awesome moves and supportive and inspiring 

Great workout.  Arnita I love your energy!  I don't think I would get through this workout with anyone else much less
 finish smiling! More videos by Arnita please! [:01:]

This is the best yet for my ABDS  I Love this trainer.[:06:][:01:]

Hello again Arnita.  Just finished second time with this core routine. (Love It) I seem to get a rug burning effect on my forearms when doing the plank/bounce.  What am I doing wrong?  I did wear long sleeve top but to no avail?  

At 52, you are an inspiration Anita! Not only a great ab workout but a great hip flexer workout as well. I really felt them doing the butterfly kicks and the knees to chest afterwards. 

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