Arnita Champion's Core Workout

2045 bounces


Workout Breakdown



“You're going to need plenty of water for this one. Get ready to work out that "mookie!"”

Meet the lovely Arnita Champion who is determined to make you sweat. Note: Arnita is using shoes for the workout because she is recovering from surgery. We recommend to rebound barefoot - if possible.

  • Duration: 25 mins
  • Bounces: 2045
  • Calories: 225
  • Level: 7


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Come and join me for my first core workout for bellicon Home!



I love your enthusiasm. It is very motivating. 

I love Arnita! I haven't done this one yet but seeing her videos on YouTube is what helped convince me I needed a Bellicon! The workouts I found were awesome and I'm so glad to see her on here! [:01:]

Fabulous workout. I'm not in Chicago, I'm in an English country garden!  Looking forward to more please. 

Great workout! I can't wait for the new ones! 

Hi Arnita,

This is funny.  Just this morning I was beginning to wonder when someone fun like you were going to sign up to be a trainer. (no offensive to the other trainers, I just love spunky) I've always enjoyed your videos on YouTube. I am sorry to hear about the surgery. That is never pleasant but hopefully the healing process is steady for you. Just don't get crazy... [:03:] You are going to do great!

I'd really like to see videos start from a beginner standpoint up to advanced. I mean beginner like someone who is sedentary most of the day and needs to start s-o-m-e-w-h-e-r-e... There are a lot of us in this boat.

I'm looking forward to your future videos!


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