Breeze by the Lake - bellicon Move

2539 bounces

By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown



“Working out feels so much better when there is a breeze!”

Fayth is going through a 30 minute bellicon Move class at the beautiful Lake Michigan in Chicago. The bellicon Move class is designed to be low impact and low intensity - a wonderful class for anybody. You will feel restored an rejuvenated at the end.

  • Duration: 29 mins
  • Bounces: 2539
  • Calories: 118
  • Level: 3


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Breeze by the Lake - bellicon Move



Thank you Fayth!First time with my own Bellicon (I've been practicing on my sister's). I love working out with you, had to get my own.

Ganz toll vorgeführt, da brauchts keine Übersetzung [:01:][:01:][:01:] Thank you/Danke !!!

Great Class, Fayth
Love your style and your smile.
As a used-to-be yoga teacher I really know how important it is to
be chirpy and yet calm, with the smiles and encouragement
which you bring.  Well done

Yesterday my Pilates Instructor (alsoa PMA certified trainer and a PT) said the head should only be rotated 45 degrees to the side - not looking over the shoulder at 90 degrees - in order to maintain structural integrity. 9ther than that, this was a nice little workout

Great simple explanations. Easy to follow. 

Really appreciate Fayth. She’s knowledgeable and motivating w/o being annoying ie. too perky, overly animated, etc.

Super Workout, alles dabei, das werde ich bestimmt öfter machen! Exzellent! Auch Fayth ist extrem sympathisch <3

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