Weight Loss #6

1406 bounces

By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown



“This particular video shows you the best movements for circuit training. Feel free to put this on repeat for an extreme workout. ”

More than halfway there! Fayth continues instructing Paige on using the bellicon for a full cardio workout, not excluding the planks!

  • Duration: 17 mins
  • Bounces: 1406
  • Calories: 118
  • Level: 7


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Weight Loss #6



#6, 40secs on/20secs recovery going through same moves as yesterday.  Was hoping for new moves yet doing the basic ones that we already know helps one get more into the move.  Wish there were more intensity cycles too. Too brief a workout although you can repeat it.

NIce opening and warm-up. Coordination building.  A good quick workout.

I love how some things are easier the 2nd time around! The mind/co-ordination moves are challenging! [:06:]
Each time I do a video for the 2nd time I became aware of a posture cue I missed before. 
Fayth is AWESOME!

What I am loving about this weight loss series is the pace that Fayth has built into the progression of the videos. 
I definitely will be doing this series again but with no rest days between as Fayth changes the pace so it isn't all high intensity! 
ALL the videos in this series are great, some a lot more challenging (very! Something to aspire to!) and others at a pace that gets me in the cardio but not peak zone. 
As always Fayth's posture cues are spot on and welcome so I can enjoy "Belliconing" to the fullest! [:06:]

I like the training so much!!! But the plataform got  stocked in the number five, so I had to do it 3 time in orden to get the number 6...

Nice! Thanks!

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