Weight Loss #2

2875 bounces

By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown



“Enjoy the 2nd video of our Weight Loss Series with Fayth and Billy!”

Fayth introduces a new student, Billy, in this full body workout video.

  • Duration: 34 mins
  • Bounces: 2875
  • Calories: 211
  • Level: 6


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Weight Loss #2



We introduce a new student, Billy, in this full body workout video.

terrific! Just wondering, the hardest part of the sprints is that my hip flexors really freeze up. Doe anyone else have that problem?

perfect workout!!

I love that Billy is a real human being like me! Except that he smoked it while I had to modify and "just bounce" a couple times! Great workout!

Does anyone know how to cast videos on to SmartTV? Watching on my laptop is not going to work for me.

Hello Fayth I loved this work out i am new to bellicon and at last i think i might of found somthing new to get me back to exercising i purchased a bellicon a few weeks ago and love it. But it sure tells me how stiff and unfleible i have become at 38 years old!!! 

Great workout![:01:]  

good workout thank you...

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