Weight Loss #1

2957 bounces

By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown



“Fayth and Paige challenge you to complete the first of many weight loss videos. Have fun and happy bouncing!”

The first of many videos focusing on weight loss. Fayth and Paige demonstrate the various cardio, balance and power moves that will make you sweat!

  • Duration: 31 mins
  • Bounces: 2957
  • Calories: 192
  • Level: 6


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Just found this weight loss series and I'm psyched! Great first video!
 Thanks Team Be360! I'm a huge fan![:01:]

I loved this - even more fun than bouncing on my own (which was pretty fun)! Looking forward to melting off 10# to start ... goal is 20#. THANK YOU![:02:]

Just finished video #1, whew!  I haven't worked out in a while, this was great, looking forward to completing the series!

Great early morning workout!  I'll be back tomorrow.  Thank you.

This was so well done!  Lots of good work in a short amount of time .  Thanks[:01:]

This workout is harder than it looks! Today was day one for me but I appreciate the guidance and instruction. I have a long way to go but I'm motivated!!!

I played this video from my iPad to Apple TV so I could do it front of my TV. It cut out once and I had to start over, not using fast forward so I would get credit. I just want to make sure this will credit me by using this method; otherwise, I won't do it. My activity doesn't reflect I finished this video. [:05:]

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