Challenge 50 Minute Class

4132 bounces

By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown



“Time for a challenge!”

This work out starts with a slow warmup but develops into a challenging class. Follow trainers Paige and Jeremy as they complete a 50 minute cardio blast and strength class.

  • Duration: 51 mins
  • Bounces: 4132
  • Calories: 450
  • Level: 8


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Challenge 50 Minute Class



Fabulous workout.  Just what I was looking for Fayth.  Some more challenging advanced workouts would be beneficial.

I thank you.

Very complete, I loved it even if it was a little tough for me. 

Great workout, Fayth explains everything so well! 

....i find my ankles get too sore if i try the one arm to knee do other jumping moves...but know with time my ankles will get stronger.

I loved this fun but challenging workout....i'll do it rid of some toxins cause worked up a good sweat. 

I like these longer workouts (35+ minutes) but I can never get them to stream all the way through.  The most likely culprit is my internet connection, but in case it's not I wanted you guys to be aware.  They always stall out and I have to reboot the video and turn on the fast forward feature.  Would definitely love more of these long workouts though! 

Streaming problems with this. The video keeps stopping. Such a shame as it is the first one i have found that is a length i want to work out for. Im loving the bellicon,  just frustrated that the videos are so short.

I LOVED this workout. It's the longest one I've done so far but it went by fast because it was so varied and fun. Thank you!!  

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