Group Class Workout with Fayth Caruso

2125 bounces

By Fayth Caruso

Workout Breakdown



“Remember to take breaks as needed when working with a group.”

Join in on our be360 group class workout. Begin with a warm up, and move through a well-rounded full body workout.

  • Duration: 36 mins
  • Bounces: 2125
  • Calories: 224
  • Level: 6


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Group Class Workout with Fayth Caruso



I agree with other posters here. I enjoy the group classes as well. Would love to see more of those. And some with weights! Love the Weight loss #1 with the small weights.

I'd love to see more group classes. And maybe some cover music to liven things up a bit! Les mills on demand does a great job with having cover music during their workouts. It really kicks things up a notch. Just a thought. [:09:]

Nice Variety!!!
would love to see more group classes like this one too.[:01:]

Fine workout, just the perfect middle between easy and strong, thanks

Loved this!! Great workout. First one I have done and enjoyed it. Looking forward to more. Fayth has a very gentle, encouraging way about her. 

I keep coming back to this one because it feels the most well rounded! Thanks Fayth![:01:]

can i watch these videos on my roku?  I love fayth's workouts!  [:06:]

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