Lenka Keehnen

Give your life event more balance! Give your life even more fun! Give your life some happy bouncing moments and get that heart rate up!

Lenka was born in Czech Republic and already as a four year old girl she discovered the passion for dancing and piano. Since her young age she strived for perfection which helped her in winning different dancing and piano competitions. When she was twelve years old she decided to start with aerobics and few years later she was Czech champion in Aerobic Team Show competition. She started to teach her first dance and aerobic classes when she was only 14 year old.
After moving to Belgium she became a successful Zumba and Megadanz instructor and in July 2014 she was proposed to become Swissjump master trainer for Belgium. Lenka is nowadays living in the Netherlands where she is busy setting up her own business. She goes regularly to Belgium to certify new Swissjump trainers.
Lenka brings to her classes dance elements, fun, positive energy and motivation. Every class has to be one big party!