Peter L.

bellicon – the bounce is what counts

Peter Leonhard is a qualified physiotherapist and a former top athlete. Physical exercise has long been his passion. Working with the patient made it even more clear to him how important exercise in the moderate range is for the body. Many common physical ailments arise because people do not move enough in everyday life, or if they move, they often do it not gently or according to their personal fitness level. Our bodies are made to move, not to sit for hours.

With the bellicon®, Peter discovered a device that gets people moving in a happy, gentle and effective way. With the bellicon® he accompanied patients with complaints during the rehabilitation process, e.g. in the back or knee area. The diverse effects on the body and our organism, the joy and the feeling of lightness - that's what fascinates Peter about the bellicon®. He wishes you a lot of fun while exercising.