Remy D.

Exercising from ‘the inside out’, being in the moment, being relaxed. Even at high speed and with strength exercises, rebounding gives you quality of life and fitness results in the long term. (Remy D.).

Remy is 58 years young ;) and lives in Zandvoort (a village on the coast near Amsterdam), the Netherlands.
Ever since he was a child he was interested in the human body and subtle energy.

Remy owns a health center for many years. As a personal coach & trainer he develops fitness- and mental health programs, give nutrition advice and relaxation exercises based on his holistic Ayurvedic practitioner profession. Currently, he is partly responsible for the holistic bellicon concepts worldwide as well as a representative of bellicon in the Netherlands.

Remy discovered that by living more to the laws of nature and undergoing natural health treatments, your mind and spirit will positively change. You will be more capable of using your self-healing ability to transform, evade or eliminate blockades in your body. So you can perform better than ever before. Some of the ingredients are: healthy nutrition, high quality supplementation, drinking enough filtered water, detoxification, relaxation, getting enough quality sleep, laughter, sauna, cold showers, an inspiring environment and daily exercise.

One of the best and fun exercises to do is rebounding on the BELLICON! For balance, coordination, stability, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, relaxation, FUN and much moreā€¦