Christian K.

To move means to develop.

"What do you enjoy?" was the question that kept Christian busy for a long time. "Something with sports!", That was clear to him early on.
The sporty all-rounder has since gained huge experience in popular and competitive sports. True to the motto: The main thing is that there is movement!
Jumping Fitness was his trigger for his professional development into the fitness and health industry in 2015. The mini trampoline concept inspires him still with its enormous variety, its rhythmic flow and the outstanding fun factor that inevitably comes into play in a class. From rehab to competitive sports, from gentle mobilization to explosive HIIT, training on the bellicon® makes it happen.

In addition to his commitment to bellicon, you can also find Christian as an instructor for other course formats at home and abroad. As a trained sports and fitness trainer, he wants to infect as many as possible with his passion for movement and get the best out of each one.