Monica G.

Give yourself a moment of rest and you will understand how foolish you rushed around.

Monica was infected by her daughter's enthusiasm for bellicon® and finally started her educational way as a bellicon trainer in 2016. The positive side effects of bellicon training quickly became apparent and convinced: more stamina, better body tension, well-trained balance and sustainable weight loss. Monica soon found the joy of passing on movement and she quickly turned her hobby into a profession. Since then, the self-employed restaurateur for many years has enriched the sporting activities of her class participants with her cheerful manner. The goal she always pursues: teach the balance between power and regeneration. Because in your free time you shouldn't be under pressure, but rather combine the challenges with calm and energy.
Monica also exudes this balance between full throttle and relaxation during her bellicon training sessions. With Monica you don't “rush around foolishly”, but train consciously, healthily and with a lot of joy.