Tara G.

Whether old or young, big or small - the bellicon® is suitable for everyone.

From couch potato to bouncy rubber ball. In 2015, Tara took part in a jumping fitness class by chance and discovered training with the mini trampoline for herself. She immediately looked for the next training and started giving lessons as an instructor soon after. In addition to bellicon® Jumping, she has completed other licenses and expanded her knowledge and experience.
However, her passion remains to Jumping. In addition to her work as a trainer, she also takes part in other bellicon Business events in addition to the usual classes and brings her choreography skills and energy to the table. Regardless of whether bellicon® Jumping, bellicon® Health, Interval or Kids - Tara is available for all formats!
It's the mix that makes it special! She loves the combination of different people who are all united in one training. Whether old or young, big or small - everyone can participate and at their own pace.