Kerstin Fourate


As a counterbalance to her main job as a sales support analyst at Coca-Cola European Partners Deutschland GmbH, Kerstin is also active in the fitness industry. In cooperation with ClubJoy NL she trained as an instructor for the dance workout “Fiesta”, for the high-intensity interval training “Step”, for the barbell training “Power” and, finally, for the functional training especially for the area of the core named “Core”. In 2014 she worked there as a master trainer for Fiesta and Step with the aim of making the challenging, standardized group fitness programs known in Germany as well. At the beginning of 2014, she saw Jumping Fitness for the first time at FIBO, the biggest fitness and wellness exhibition in Europe. Fascinated and impressed by the effects and effectiveness of the intensive endurance classes, she also get herself educated as an instructor for Jumping Fitness in June 2014. In the same year Kerstin was appointed presenter and did a NRW Promotion & Convention Tour with Jumping Fitness and since 01.01.2019 with bellicon® Jumping. Since 2016 she has been working as a master trainer with great joy and fun.

In addition, she is a voluntary member and trainer at the sports and education school KAHRAMANLAR - Die Brühler Helden e.V. Brühl, which is very successful in promoting and social integration of socially disadvantaged families with and without migration.