Marie S.

Change happens through movement and movement heals. ... MOVE TO BALANCE ;)

Marie has been working with the bellicon® since 2012 and especially loves the soft, gentle swing on the highly elastic mini trampoline.

Movement and balance are the essences of life for the native of Munich. The ambitious gymnast, ballet dancer and skier had to regain her movement balance in the course of recurrent herniated discs and operations. So, Marie not only came from ballet to Pilates training in 2007, but also discovered the bellicon® for herself during inpatient rehab. Since then, the business graduate has worked for the development of southern European bellicon markets such as France and Spain and is now gaining more experience in Pilates and working as a trainer.

Marie's motto “Your powerful and flexible core, flowing breath and joy of life are the roots of your health” made her follow her conviction - since 2017 the proud mother of a three-year-old son has also been a certified Polestar® Pilates trainer.

In the connection between bellicon® and Pilates, Marie invites you to (re) discover your body and precisely develop your perception, your balance, your strength and endurance as well as your flexibility. Even if not all classic Pilates exercises are possible on the bellicon® - the bellicon® gives your workout the icing on the cake: The happiness hormones that your body releases when swinging and jumping make your heart beat faster!