Karen S.

Bouncing, fit with fun, without limits!

Karen-Nicole Stange was born in Germany, completed her diploma in dance education with a bachelor's degree in the Netherlands and completed international training courses between France and the USA. She has already been seen in theater and TV and is now a dance teacher in renowned academies for performing arts and musicals in Italy.

In 2016, Karen-Nicole met her first bellicon® trampoline in Milan, Italy. After initial skepticism and concern about bilateral knee problems, it turns into love at second sight! In a very short time, she aspires to become a master trainer and becomes “addicted” to the bellicon®.
“Finally, there was no longer any limit for running, skipping, squats and high jumps. Power properly, with fun, strength and energy without limits and without regrets for joints and health! "
In her bellicon Home training videos, Karen combines rhythm, dance, energy and quality with fun, motivation and the joy of life. Although, through her activity as a qualified life coach, she also develops training courses in which she integrates balance, coordination and stretching elements as alternatives to reducing stress.

Karen-Nicole is versatile, multicultural and loves the fusion in the training of body and mind. Just like her motto: "BOUNCE, FIT WITH FUN, WITHOUT LIMITS!"