Daniel W.

1 device, 1000 facets!

Daniel discovered his passion for sports as a child. This fascination brought the licensed personal trainer to many types of spots, such as gymnastics, soccer and Thai boxing. Most of the time you can hear Daniel even before he enters a room. With his hearty laugh, the cheerful guy infects everyone around him. The bellicon® mini trampoline offers him the opportunity to combine the highly elastic vibration with the movements he has learned, which can be seen in his bellicon Home training videos.
The educated health care manager even integrated the bellicon® mini trampoline into everyday office life and developed the sit-stand-bounce concept (bellicon Workspace), with which well-known companies already working and bringing new momentum to the desk. His philosophy: whether at home or at work, no matter whether young or old, regardless of whether you're a sports fanatic or a couch potato. The bellicon® is for EVERYONE: "1 device, 1000 facets."